SwOS 2.13がリリース


What’s new in v2.13:

*) added support for CRS354;
*) CRS328: fixed SFP status monitoring;
*) CRS328: fixed auto-negotiation on combo ports;
*) CRS326Q: fixed matching by ports in ACL;
*) CRS326Q: properly detect QSFP+ optical modules;
*) CRS326Q: properly detect QSFP+ DAC cable;
*) CRS326Q: fixed case where some deleted ACL rules were still active;
*) CRS305: make auto upgrade work;
*) CRS312: fixed 2.5G & 5G modes;
*) CRS312 & CRS326Q: fixed SNMP ifAdminStatus & ifOperStatus;
*) CRS312 & CRS326Q: do not freeze when showing Host tab with no entries;
*) CRS312 & CRS326Q & CRS309: fixed ingress rate limiter;
*) CSS106: added reset-counters to Statistics tab;
*) CSS106: make RSTP work with vlanMode=enabled or vlanMode=strict;
*) CSS106: fixed IGMP, PPPoE & DHCP snooping of VLAN tagged packets;
*) CSS106: make port isolation work when vlanMode=enabled or vlanMode=strict;
*) CRS318fi: make 1G ports link with other routerboards;
*) CRS309: fixed tx flow control;
*) CRS305: fixed traffic forwarding between SFP+ ports;
*) fixed ingress traffic port mirroring on first port;
*) fixed dst. & src. port matcher in ACL;
*) fixed redirect-to in ACL;
*) fixed storm rate limiter on SFP+ ports working in 1G mode;
*) fixed storm rate limiter on 40G links;
*) correctly recognize some copper SFP modules;
*) added name to VLAN entries;
*) fixed VLAN entry management when they were added unordered;
*) fixed IGMP snooping - stop forwarding multicast packets
if there are no more listeners;
*) added support for IGMP fast leave;
*) always forward link local IPv4 & IPV6 packets;
*) fixed password changing on Chrome and IE;
*) do not renew DHCP address and restart RSTP on any System tab change;
*) reset error & histogram counters separately from main ones;
*) report correct ifSpeed & ifHIghSpeed for ports with no active links;
*) fixed crash when receiving jumbo frames on management CPU;