RouterOS 7.3beta37 [Testing] がリリース

RouterOS 7.3beta37 [Testing]
日時: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 10:12:16 +0300
Channel: Testing
リンク: MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Software

7.3beta37 changelog:

*) bonding - fixed LACP flapping for RB5009 and CCR2004-16G-2S+ devices;
*) bridge - fixed packet marking for IP/IPv6 firewall;
*) dot1x - improved server stability when using re-authentication;
*) fetch - improved full disk detection;
*) gps - fixed minor value unit typo;
*) l3hw - improved offloading for directly connected hosts on CRS305, CRS326-24G-2S+, CRS328, CRS318, CRS310;
*) led - fixed QSFP+, QSFP28 activity LEDs when using 40Gbps modules (introduced in v7.3beta33);
*) lte - disabled wait for LTE auto attach;
*) mpls - fixed MPLS MTU and path MTU selection;
*) ovpn - fixed hardware offloading support on CHR;
*) ovpn - improved Windows client disconnect procedure in UDP mode;
*) ovpn - moved authentication failure messages to "info" logging level;
*) ppp - added warning when using prefix length other than /64 for router advertisement;
*) ppp - fixed "remote-ipv6-prefix" parameter unsetting;
*) ppp - fixed issue with multiple active sessions when "only-one" is enabled;
*) routerboot - properly reset system configuration when protected bootloader is enabled and reset button used;
*) rsvp-te - improved stability when "Resv" received for non-existing session;
*) sfp - improved QSFP/SFP interface initialization for 98DXxxxx switches;
*) switch - fixed missing stats from traffic-monitor for 98DXxxxx and 98PX1012 switches;
*) system - fixed RouterOS bootup when wifiwave2 package is installed (introduced in v7.3beta34);
*) system - fixed rare partial loss of RouterOS configuration after package upgrade/downgrade/install/uninstall;
*) user-manager - improved stability when received EAP attribute with non-existing state attribute;
*) vpls - fixed "pw-l2mtu" parameter usage;

Download the new 'RouterOS 7.3beta37' version here: