RouterOS 7.2rc6 [Testing] がリリース

RouterOS 7.2rc6 [Testing]
日時: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 11:28:53 +0300
Channel: Testing

7.2rc6 changelog:

*) ccr2004 - improved PCI timeout handling on CCR2004-1G-2XS-PCIe;
*) dude - fixed The Dude compatibility with ARM64;
*) l2tp - improved service stability when disabling L2TP server with connected clients;
*) l3hw - fixed default route offloading for CRS305, CRS326-24G-2S+, CRS328, netPower, netFiber devices;
*) lte - enabled multi-APN and name re-use support for Chateau;
*) lte - improved stability when modem disappears during firmware upgrade;
*) ntp - improved source address usage for reply packets;
*) ospf - properly set VRF for gateway;
*) poe - fixed PoE driver loading on CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+;
*) route - allow OSPF and RIP redistributed routes to be matched by routing filters;
*) route - fixed "table" menu emptying after RouterOS upgrade;
*) switch - properly limit maximum number of switch rules to 256 on RB5009;
*) tr069-client - fixed RPC download of "3 Vendor Configuration File" with branding package;
*) x86 - fixed VLAN tagged packet transmit;

Download the new 'RouterOS 7.2rc6' version here: